September 27, 2016


Collagen is one of the most important structural components in our body, representing 1/15th of our total body weight. This fibre-shaped protein plays an extremely important role in ensuring the cohesion, elasticity and regenera...

Susan Furtado is combining the fields of psychotherapy, nutrition and neuroscience.

She describes her psycho-nutra-therapy as a very holistic and integrative method to treating mood disorders.

"I never cookie-cut a treatment plan for individuals," she says. "Everyone is...

April 15, 2016


Doctors explain how Hiking is good for your health .... While it may seem obvious that a good hike through a forest or up a mountain can cleanse your mind, body, and soul, science is now discovering that hiking can actually change your brain… for the better!


January 9, 2016


As a holistic nutritionist with cravings just like everyone else, I’ve developed an arsenal of tactics to conquer them. Controlling stress levels, getting seven to nine hours of quality uninterrupted sleep, burst training or even walking, and getting the right nutrien...

January 9, 2016


our advice to you: get creative! combine different ingredients to add a unique flavor every time. 

your  taste buds will never be  bored with these 5 ways of adding flavor to your dishes WITHOUT sugar.


1. Make your own salad dressing. 

This is a game-changer.


January 9, 2016


It’s clear that 2015 will go down as the year of liberal coconut-oil application—and although it’s only January, there are plenty of new healthy food and fitness trends already shaping up to reign in 2016 (RIP acai.) We chatted with 20 wellness insiders, from health-o...

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our favorite elimination diet :  

remove anger, regret, resentment, guilt, blame and worry.   Then watch your health and life improve. 

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April 15, 2016

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