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We believe good health is found by creating a balanced life style, collaborating between practitioners & other forms of health care, in patients being heard and understood, by being brave, taking care, finding solutions, going the extra mile, paying attention to the details, asking questions, and by being open to new paradigms and creating options in ways of approaching health care.  


Taking care of you, hearing your needs and wants, and understanding you to the best of our ability is what you can expect from the team at The Village Clinic.  

  • chronic health concerns

  • prevention & wellness

  • digestive disorders IE: chrohn's, IBS, colitis, eating disorders

  • womens and mens health issues,  

  • pediatric health concerns

  • lyme disease and co-infections

  • bowen therapy

  • head injuries

  • sports injuries

  • food and seasonal allergies

  • sleep issues

  • stress and anxiety support

  • skin disorders

  • diabetes.....and more

creating great health 
through the science of medicine and the art of healing
We carry carefully selected retail products in the clinic and professional grade supplements in our on-site dispensary 
to support your family's healthcare needs. These are products that we love to use with our families.
If you are looking for a supplement, we suggest checking out our online dispensary FullScript to see what we have in stock for easy online ordering and straight to your door shipping!!  

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We are proud to share with you the latest news and information about naturopathic medicine.

Check out the exciting developments and information by clicking here to be taken to the BCNA website!

In addition to advances in medicine and health sciences, wholesome food remains one of the most essential elements of health. 


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