All patients are required to bring this signed form to their in-clinic appointments
Pre-Treatment COVID-19 Consent

The Village Clinic is Open!




The Village Clinic is thrilled to offer IV's again with Dr. Maria Fabbro!


Dr. Fabbro customizes each IV to best suit her patient needs.  She also offers B12 intramuscular injections and regular Naturopathic Consultations.  Her special focus is on women's health and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

Please be assured of the strict Covid protocols we will be practicing at The Village Clinic.  All the protocols that we have in place must be followed strictly in order for us, both you and myself and the other clinic staff, to remain safe, well, and protected. 

The confirmation email that you receive after booking an appointment will outline the procedures to follow.  There are some new booking protocols, a Covid19 Consent Form to print and sign, as well as making sure that you can answer all of the Covid questions to indicate you meet the criteria to come healthy and safe, to the clinic.

Please call The Village Clinic at 778-434-3072 or book online at The Village Clinic for an appointment!

The Team at The Village Clinic have been preparing with care to open.  We are opening slowly, carefully and adjusting as needed as we go along.  


Here are some things we kindly ask of you:

  • Please arrive at your scheduled appointment time

  • Please ensure you have your COVID-19 Consent form filled out, there will be some available at the clinic if needed

  • Kindly wait outside until your practitioner comes to guide you inside

  • Use the Hand Sani station outside of clinic

  • We do not have front desk yet to reduce contact and keep circles smaller, your practitioner will assist you with everything

  • We ask that you use our tap for payment.  Receipts will be emailed to you

  • Emails and phone messages will be answered in a timely manner daily.  Please be patient with pun intended :)

Please book your appointments online via email or by calling the clinic at 778-434-3072.  We look forward to assisting and taking care of you

If you have been exposed to Covid19, or are experiencing symptoms you are uncertain about, or have travelled abroad or live with someone who has any of the symptoms, please call the clinic to discuss.  Please do not come to the clinic if you are uncertain.  Please call us and we can determine what the best follow up is for you.  778-434-3072. We absolutely want to help you.  We just want to do it safely; keeping everyone in mind.  This crisis certainly has created an absolute need to think beyond self and consider the whole

Physiotherapy, IV treatments, Bowen Therapy, Counselling and Naturopathic Medical appointments can all be booked online.  Visits can be done in person, via phone or telemedicine.  All options are available.  


Here we go.  We will adjust as we go to make your clinic experience safe, easy and as always the best care anywhere. 


Let's get healthy.  It is our best defence and our way to restart hopefully with a slight paradigm shift for the better.


To good health for all,


Heli and The Village Clinic Team


Dr. Heli McPhie, ND

Hello everyone.


I am so grateful to have had the chance to do visits over the phone and with telemedicine with some of you. You are so awesome! Even during this lockdown, this stress, I have seen and marvelled at the healing that has been happening.  Our bodies are so resilient and collaborative medicine is such a powerful tool in creating health.  While we've  been happy to be able to treat you virtually over the last few months, The Village Clinic team is looking forward to seeing you in person. 


But we are going to do this with thought and care.  Slowly.  Like careful toes in water. 


We know the ripples we send out now will ultimately affect how this virus affects our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing in the future.  So we are not going to rush. 


We are going to take care.  We will consider how to best keep our patients, staff, families, community and country safe.  As my beautiful middle child has always said, "safety first!"  


We are preparing to open clinic the week of May 25 partially. 

Please stay tuned.  Slowly.  Carefully.  With thought.  With care.


In some ways, this is our chance.  Our chance to create a new normal.  What if our new normal created new ripples in our healthcare.  What if we challenged ourselves and our loved ones, friends, colleagues, neighbours…to get healthy.  


Get stronger. Get happier. Get collaborative and preventive medicine working for us. 


Get to the Village Clinic. Let them help you. Get healthcare to work together - NDs, MDs, Physiotherapists, Bowen Therapists, Counsellors, Hypnotherapists, Massage Therapists, Reiki Masters, Chiropractors, Acupuncturists…I have seen the world come together in places.  


Work together. Collaborate.  For survival.  In triumph. I think it's time.  


I believe, we can collaborate in healthcare, and in doing so, I believe we can see healthcare take us places we haven't yet been.  I have seen this with patients for years now. Collaborative medicine works.  It is my passion.  Let's start thinking in terms of getting healthy.  Let's get our immune systems ready for the fall flu season and beyond.  Let's prepare ourselves and not simply accept the inevitable resurgence of this virus.  Let's improve our defences. Let's change the way we consider how our healthcare looks.  Let's start recognizing what we need to improve and set about improving it in ourselves and our systems.  


What if we started to work together on our health care as we have worked together on flattening this curve. Those would be some powerful ripples. Those ripples would turn into waves - of strong, happy, healthy people, families, communities, countries.  


Here's to carefully putting our toes back in the water.  We may end up creating powerful waves of change.  For the better.


Heli  xx


Dr. Heli McPhie, BSc, ND