A Message from Dr. Heli McPhie

Hello everyone,


I sincerely hope this information finds you and yours well. I know this is a stressful time so today I will give some info on:


  1. How the clinic can help you during this pandemic.  

  2. Some general info I found very useful about the virus itself.

  3. Physiotherapy update from Florence MacDonald-Bain,BScPt, FCAMT, CGIMS,CAFCI

  4. Some upcoming things to look for that can help all of us stay as happy and healthy as possible.

Do your part. 

Please stay home if you can. Social distancing is effective.

Please wash your hands with soap and water, often.

Especially after every trip in and out of your house. 


1.  NDs, physiotherapy and counselling deemed as part of essential services by BC government.  

The BC government clarified what are essential services today. Direct to public health services, including licensed naturopathic doctors, physiotherapists and counselling, are deemed an essential service. This is good news.  We are here to help you through this crisis as best we can. Please reach out. 


The Village Clinic is doing virtual  and phone visits.

Physiotherapy on a case by case basis.

Please book online. 


We are trying to make naturopathic healthcare, physiotherapy and counselling as accessible as possible while keeping everyone safe and respecting social distancing rules.  Social distancing is absolutely vital to help stop this virus. 


The provincial health officer has urged caregivers that where possible and appropriate care to patients and clients should be via telephone and video technology.  So that is what we are doing.  


For naturopathic visits with me, Dr. Heli Mcphie, ND, or Dr. Maria Fabbro, ND  and counselling appointments with Susan Furtado, MCP, RHN, RCC please book online. For physiotherapy appointments Florence is doing telerehab which she says is working quite well for her patients. 


I know it is Covid-19 everywhere, all the time and everyone has a role to play in preventing its spread.  Do your part.  But I also know we still have our past health issues to contend with. We are here for you.  To help.  To support your immune system.  To support you and yours.  To deliver carefully cleaned and packed supplements to your door so you can stay home.  We are here to help with your anxiety, low mood, worry.  We are here to compassionately listen to your current needs.  


Please reach out, we will help any way we can.  

Info@thevillageclinic.com or call 778-434-3072. 


Here are all our team emails:  


·         Dr Heli McPhie, ND  helimcphie@hotmail.com

·         Florence MacDonald-Bain, Physio macdbphysio@gmail.com

·         Siân Rackham, Bowen Therapist, srackham536@gmail.com

·         Susan Furtado,  Clinical Psychotherapist,  psychonutratherapy@gmail.com

·         Dr Maria Fabbro, ND mariafabbrond@gmail.com

Please check our face book page for more information.

Bowen Therapy with Siân Rackham will not be in house yet as per social distancing rules. But you will hearing from Sian.  Soon.  

If you didn't receive the terrific physiotherapy update letter from Florence please email the clinic at info@thevillageclinic.com

2. Physiotherapy Update from Florence MacDonald-Bain, BScPt, FCAMT, CGIMS,CAFCI.


Florence will treat urgent cases requiring immediate care . eg post op joint replacements, post fractures and any conditions that may require treatment to prevent permanent and / or long lasting impairments. These cases will be reviewed by the physiotherapist and if appropriate an in person appointment will be scheduled.  


Please contact Florence at info@thevillageclinic.com or macdbphysio@gmail.com 


If after careful consideration in person treatment is considered necessary then all precautions will be in place for both patient and physiotherapist

Alternatively, telerehab which has now been launched, is an option


3. Connecting and sharing while social distancing


Community and connection has always been a main pillar at The Village Clinic.  We are social creatures. We are meant to see, touch, hug, love, be around one another.  Daily.  We evolved that way.  Connection and community keep us healthier and happier.  So as we are asked to social distance or isolate ourselves it can get difficult to remain positive, calm and healthy.  So let's connect  - virtually. Over the phone. On zoom.  Lets brainstorm.  Lets create solutions.  


Here are a few we are working on:


  • We will be calling you to connect.  To see how you are doing. If we can help. Reminding you to call your tribe, family, friends, neighbours. So many people are at home alone. Use your voice.  Let's create a phone web. A community that sticks together gets through this together. Please join our facebook group chat. The Village Square.  It will be up in the next few days.  

  • Put a heart on your door to show all those working in healthcare, deliveries, grocery stores, police, firefighters,.... that we care

  • Bang a drum at 7pm  every night to support them.  Outside on your deck.  

  • The Tsawwassen Wellness Centre and The Village Clinic are setting up a virtual gathering spot. The Village Square.  Join us Saturday April 4, 8-9am to chat, vent, laugh,  question, convene, have tea, coffee and get some info on staying healthy. How exercise can help. Meditation.  The four pillars of health are as important now as ever. What can we do to stay healthy,  And much more.  We are a great community lets connect. So since we can't get together at a real village square let’s gather at a virtual one.  And meet up.  Visit.  Hang out.  Check out www.twconline.ca

  • Please send us your ideas.  We are open to try anything really.  Well sane. legal  effective.  :)


Please share this information with anyone and everyone if you think they would like this information or would like to join in.


Take good care.  Reach out to us.  We are here for you.  With you.  And yes, we will get through this together.  Apart.


Virtual Hugs,



Dr. Heli Mcphie, ND and The Village Clinic Team  


p.s.My amazing brother is on the front lines at VGH as an anaesthesiologist .  

My family and his family thank you for staying at home and doing your part. xxx

Just checking in....a note from Siân 


Not being able to be at the Village Clinic for Bowen with my lovely clients, has been super frustrating!


But, being at home and having all of the things I never have ‘time’ to do..staring me right in the eyes, well...where does one start??


Most of the days this past 2 weeks have started with a few hours spent on my phone; connecting with people. Looking at news posts. Then Instagram. Then Facebook. Then News again. Then Facebook. Then Instagram. Call my mom. Call my daughter. Text 10 friends. Repeat.


Maybe if I actually ‘make’ a to do list, that will help. I made the list. Then accidentally recycled it. Start again. New list. No....don’t need a list. Just do the stuff. No. Check my phone again. Maybe there’s an update I need to hear.


Now I’m hungry. Make a snack. How much food do we have? Maybe I should shop? No. You need to garden.


Is it too windy outside? Maybe I should go for a run while it’s so nice out. Yes...Forget gardening. Go for a run. Well...for sure a power walk. Throw in laundry before leaving for the walk. Maybe I’ll just walk around my yard. (2 acres). Good idea. Make mental notes on gardening priorities. Wow. This garden is a mess. Start trimming some stuff. Bamboo is too hard to cut. Move to the shrubs near the house. God my hand hurts. Gotta stop. 


Go inside. Make another snack. Scan the house for things that ‘really need’ to be done. Get distracted by phone. Text a few friends. Check Instagram. Check news. Check Facebook.  And BAM!! It’s Sunday night!! And a couple of weeks has flown by! 


This Covid19 virus has disrupted and affected all of our lives. We hope that the impact on our health and our family and friend’s health is minimal. I am trying my best to approach this time with positivity; because it does force us to shift gears and slow life down and give us a chance to focus inwardly. So I hope that all of you are getting through this, in these early days and weeks. Choosing goals and projects will help you to stay positive and engaged as we face the restrictions of our usual daily lives. 


Please feel free to reach out to me srackham536@gmail.com and let me know how you’re doing, or what you’re doing to stay afloat as we all bob around in this together. Supporting each other is more important than ever. I would love to hear from you!


Sending you all my very best!! 




p.s.  please take a look at my instagram -  



- an amazing hummingbird video

be healthy . be vibrant . be your best

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